List of media to communicate with your customers or publish your ads

If I ask you to list the media that you can use to communicate with your potential customers, to run your ads or display your logo, what do you think?

You will probably say: television, radio, and newspapers, but there are much more media than you can imagine in seconds. This week, number of interactive digital signage display Singapore I thought of offering you a tool.

interactive digital signage display SingaporeWhy create a media list?

When it’s time to create your next ad or connect with potential customers, the media list will help you choose the right media for your strategy, message and target customers.

You could look for a medium in which the customer will be more receptive to your message, you may be looking for media that will surprise your customer, or you may want to choose a medium that will enhance your company’s brand image.

If, when choosing your media, you have in mind only the 3 or 4 most traditional media or those for which a representative came to solicit you a short time ago, you may choose out of spite rather than to choose strategically.

Be concise

On average, a driver only has between 5 and 10 seconds to see your sign, read the text and understand your message. And depending on the traffic situation interactive digital signage display Singapore, the driver may alternate between looking at your sign and looking at the road, all within 5 to 10 seconds. That is, it devotes even less time to your panel. It is therefore essential that your message be short. Very very short. Try to stay at the bottom of 7 words at most