Types of doctors

There are millions of health care professionals working in the world. In every city and town, you may find a specialist. A doctor in Liverpool may provide you a solution to your health issue. There are different specialties and categories of physician jobs. A physician earns a four year accredited medical degree and, after completing residency training, enters this prestigious profession. In this article, I shall provide an insight into different types of doctors. Here are some of these types.

Family physician

So we take primary care specialties. The family physician stands at the top. As a family physician, you need to see patients of different ages. They offer treatment for some common health issues, find a significant health problem, and prescribe tests for these health issues. In severe cases, they may refer you to specialized health professionals.


General internists provide consultation to adult patients, and after internal residency, they go for additional training. They then go for sub-specialized health care in a variety of other heal areas. It may include gastroenterology, endocrinology, and cardiology. The interests, in most cases, get hospital-based training as compared to family practitioners. They may get an office-based practice or provide service as hospitalists; they usually see the patients in hospitals.


Young patients are the focal point of pediatricians. These patients may be from infancy up to the age of 18 years. 

They provide treatment including immunization, baby checks up, school physicals, and cough. They also treat flu, colds, and some related illnesses.

OB and GYN

The doctor dealing with women’s health is termed as a gynecologist. This health specialty includes reproductive health and hormone issues. Obstetrician offers treatment to women that are pregnant and also deliver babies. These specialties have similar functions and may be referred to as OB/GYN.


Surgeons deal with different areas related to surgery. These specialties may be hand surgery, pediatric surgery, oncology, and vascular surgery. They plan the surgery process and perform surgeries operation in the operation theaters. They identify complications and confirm surgical process success.


This type of specialist is related to mental health. The psychiatrist treats emotional and psychological issues and offers consultation for psychotherapy and hospitalization. It may be an office-based or hospital-based job.

There are further subfields of this specialty. Some professionals may offer services for children, and some may cure eating disorders.